Systems Meetup Dresden

Also known as Mikrokernstammtisch or ukvly meetup from before 2019.

About & Topics

A regular meetup for all people in Dresden and the surrounding area working in systems context. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Virtualization
  • arm, riscv, x86
  • Operating Systems
  • Firmware
  • Device Drivers
  • Associated Research

Core Values

  • Friendly and open-minded environment
  • "Du"-Anrede highly encouraged
  • We always switch to English, if non-native speakers prefer so
  • Keep it simple. No big processes. Meet, talk, and have fun!
  • Our Code of conduct (the state from 2024-05-24 is the reference)
  • Everyone interested in the field is welcome. This includes students and people with little knowledge and experience so far.
  • Event for people, not for companies.

Past Meetups

We had our second meetup at the Barkhausen Institute near Postplatz. Although it was summer vacation time, we gathered 15 people from various companies and educational/research institutions. After an interesting lightning talk by Michael Roitzsch (BI), a lively discussion about the M3 research project followed.

This was the first meetup after the long Corona break. Previously, the meetup was called Mikrokernstammtisch. Now, it is called systems meetup. We had 28 attendees from multiple local companies and the TU dresden. It was a great kick-off! The event had pizza and drinks sponsored by Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH.


  • No single responsible organizer
  • We aim to find the next date, location, and organizers at the meetup.
  • Lightning talks are appreciated. This depends however on the location. We inform you in the announcements.
  • Paid drinks and food are not always guaranteed! Sometimes we might have a sponsor for pizza, drinks, and beer, sometimes we meet at a local Dönerbude before the actual meetup starts, and sometimes we expect you to organize something by yourself. We will update the next meetup info accordingly.
  • Philipp Schuster currently maintains a list of email addresses and helps with sending out announcements.

Known Participants

Usually we have attendees of people working at:

  • Amazon
  • Barkhausen Institut
  • Cyberus Technology
  • Genode
  • Kernkonzept
  • TU Dresden (especially the Operating Systems Chair of Prof. Horst Schirmeier)
  • and many more ...

Announcement Channels

  • Email. List maintained by Philipp Schuster. Ping me if you want to be on the list. Usually 1-2 emails per quarter.
  • X Twitter:
  • Contributions welcome to bridge the Twitter account to Matrix, Mastodon, etc.
  • This website

When and Where

Every 2-3 months, usually on a Thursday 18:00 to 22:00 o'clock. The location changes. Feel free to propose one!


Dresden has a rich ecosystem of companies and research in the field of operating systems and systems engineering in general. Especially, between ~2000 and ~2017, there was a "golden era" of microkernels, both in academia and various local companies. That's where the term ukvly (microkernel valley) originates from.